Summer Projects

Summer projects are perhaps the most fun thing we do in Campus Crusade for Christ. Who wouldn't want to get together with some of their best friends and go serve God for a few weeks?

Campus Crusade for Christ's Summer Opportunities offer an incredible, life-changing experience that will shape your character and focus your life's mission. Share the gospel at a resort location in the United States, reach the lost in a foreign land, or stretch your faith on any number of the specially designed summer projects offered this year.

U.S. Summer Opportunities
Summer mission projects dot the landscape of America as students journey to beautiful vacation spots equipped with the gospel and hearts full of faith. Projects specific to the northwest would include the Lake Tahoe summer project, the Alaska project and the invitation-only Echo Project. You can now learn about all the U.S. Summer Project options and apply online.

Global Summer Opportunities
A foreign land is on your heart. You long to see people of another nation come to know this Jesus who has changed your life. You can invest your summer in changing the course of history for a student, a university and a nation. For all the global fast-paced action, visit and learn more about the Worldwide Student Network.

Other Opportunities
From volunteering at a mission in downtown LA to strumming on your guitar to visiting orphans in the Caribbean, there are countless opportunities to step out of the norm this summer. Perhaps the most exciting and revolutionary of these opportunities would be the Katrina summer projects... an opportunity to take your non-Christian friends with you to rebuild New Orleans and show them your faith in action! There are also opportunites specific to athletes, musicians, people with technical skills, people with a heart for the inner city and more.


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