Waaay South of the Border

Bryon, one of this year's stinters in Venezuela wrote in to say:

"Just to give you an idea of what we have been doing, here are some statistics that we keep track of. During this last semester, 3605 university students had the opportunity to hear the gospel (by being exposed to our ministry through campus outreaches, fiestas, english clubs, catalytic trips, and personal conversations). Of those, we personally shared the gospel with 249 of them, and 19 students received Christ! We have new students involved in our movement, with a desire to reach their peers for Christ, and we have taken steps to begin moving onto 12 of the campuses within the city (previously only 5). Praise the Lord with me for these things!"

We'll need a full summer project team this year to help move this ministry forward. Also, many of the stint team members have reached the end of their second year of stint and so they have to come home, which means we will need new members for next year's team. Come help reach the lost of Merida, Venezuela!


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