STINT and Internships

The Campus Crusade for Christ STINT and internship program could be the single most effective program that we have to allow people to serve effectively and experience personal growth and life change.

STINT is a cheater's acronym which stands for Short Term INTernational. It's a one- or two-year program where you go overseas and experience life as a full-time missionary without making the committment to continue for longer than that. Pretty much anywhere CCC is in the world, you can apply for a STINT. The amount of people who have come to Christ through people giving one year of their life to serve overseas is amzaing. And the number of people who have had their own life irrevocably transformed into greater Christ-likeness is likewise amazing. You can apply for STINT here.

Our internship program is essentially the same thing, but it takes place at home in the States. Whether you want to work on the campus you graduated from, open a new campus or help with work in our regional office (human resources, technology, video or communication services), internship is a great way to see what is available in CCC and whether the Lord is calling you to do it full time. You can apply for internships here.


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