A Deep Need for Relationship

The Italian people have a deep need for relationship, which is seen in the way they make friends, the amount of time they spend with you (they might be offended if you have less than two hours to chat) and even the way they eat dinner in some restaurants (you get a table for the whole night, not just how long it takes to eat). Of course their deepest relational need is for Christ.

Our partnership is in Siena, Italy. In a country where results are slow and people don't come to Christ often, our summer project saw seven people accept Christ! That's nearly as many as the whole country had seen that year.

Our summer project this summer is open and taking applications, and we would love to see you in Siena!

We have tried to send a stint team to Siena two years in a row. The only thing really preventing us is that we are having a hard time getting a full team... at least two men and two women who are willing to go, accepted and raise their support. We particularly have had a hard time getting men to come to Italy. Would you pray about coming to Italy for a year?


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